Best of Inland Empire- Back to Back.

The anticipation was killing me. It may not be a big deal to major cities, but the Inland Empire is special to me. It's home. To be able to win the Press Enterprise's Best of Inland Empire Best tattoo studio back to back is special. It means our hard work paid off. It means we've built trust, clientele, and more importantly- relationships within this amazing community. 

I come to work still in awe that I've been blessed enough to open my own studio with amazing artists with incredible imaginations. There are plenty of local tattoo shops, and to outgrow the one office and expand next door is a dream come true. It signifies that we're doing something right. My staff is supportive as well as my family. Without the people around me encouraging me I don't know where I would be.

That's why I think our tattoos are special. Sure it may sound cheesy, but it's true. Every blot of ink we craft on our canvases have meaning. You trust us enough to spend hours and money on your idea. Our goal is to always surpass what you had in mind. 

I'm so grateful to have the number one studio in the Inland Empire two years in a row. Thank you! And like the early 2000 Lakers, we're shooting for a 3-peat! Who's with me?