Best of Inland Empire 2019- Let's get back on top

It’s cool if you Google ‘mad tatters’ or ‘riverside tattoo shop’ or even ‘mad tatter tattoos,’ just don’t count us out when you’re looking for the Best of Inland Empire tattoo shop. I get it, Madd Tatter’z with a ‘Z’ is not the correct way to spell it (But my last name starts with a “Z” that’s why we named it that). What I want to get across is that our goal in the shop is to provide the best tattoo experience you’ve ever had. I’m not digging number 2…. You know what number 2 is, right?

If anything, I feel that we let you down in 2018. Riverside is home, we are the Inland Empire, and the artists in the shop are top artists in the IE. We don’t do piercings because our focus is to be the best tattoo shop in Riverside, and known throughout the Inland Empire.

We lost the Hip-Hop samaritan, one of LA's own Nipsey Hussle this year. Man, it hit us hard. His dreams were bigger than hip-hop alone. He cared about his people, his community, and even his haters. Look, if you’re doing something good, then you’re gonna have haters.

Why do I bring up Nipsey Hussle? Because his goal was for his life to make a difference. Moreso, than his “job” of rapping. Madd Tatter’z goal is to bring a community together and to uplift one another. Yeah, sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Look, if we don’t win Best of Inland Empire 2019, I’m fine with that. Because I know we’re keep going and giving you what you want- a clean, sterile environment, with great artists. Shout out to Cat, Mike, Trevor, and Edgar.

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-Alfred Z.

Rest in Power Nipsey Hussle by Alfred Zaragoza

Rest in Power Nipsey Hussle by Alfred Zaragoza