Best of Inland Empire 2019

We’re back on top! Thanks to you. Madd Tatter’z Tattoo shop in Riverside Ca regains its title as Press Enterprise’s Best of Inland Empire 2019 Tattoo Studio. If you’re too lazy to click the link, it says;

Madd Tatter’z, which opened in 2013 on Van Buren Boulevard, is a repeat winner for the IE’s Best Tattoo Studio. Owner Alfred Zaragoza, a Riverside local, and his crew of professional tattoo artists work hard to make their environment clean, sterile and friendly while creating amazing body artwork for each individual customer. Flowers, faces, people, characters, animals and large scenes — they do it all. If you’ve fallen in love with a piece of artwork or an image and want to immortalize it forever on your body, Madd Tatter’z is the place to go.

I just want to personally thank everyone for voting. I especially want to thank you for stopping by and checking out our tattoo shop in the Inland Empire. We’re continually working on improving and finding the best local tattoo artists. We’re putting Riverside tattoos on the map and it’s because we strive to provide the best and cleanest shop in the area. Be sure to Like and Follow us. If we’ve even tattooed you, give us a review on Yelp. We’d appreciate it!.

Big shoutout to our artists! Follow us on Instagram and click on the link in bio.

Best of Inland Empire 2019- Let's get back on top

It’s cool if you Google ‘mad tatters’ or ‘riverside tattoo shop’ or even ‘mad tatter tattoos,’ just don’t count us out when you’re looking for the Best of Inland Empire tattoo shop. I get it, Madd Tatter’z with a ‘Z’ is not the correct way to spell it (But my last name starts with a “Z” that’s why we named it that). What I want to get across is that our goal in the shop is to provide the best tattoo experience you’ve ever had. I’m not digging number 2…. You know what number 2 is, right?

If anything, I feel that we let you down in 2018. Riverside is home, we are the Inland Empire, and the artists in the shop are top artists in the IE. We don’t do piercings because our focus is to be the best tattoo shop in Riverside, and known throughout the Inland Empire.

We lost the Hip-Hop samaritan, one of LA's own Nipsey Hussle this year. Man, it hit us hard. His dreams were bigger than hip-hop alone. He cared about his people, his community, and even his haters. Look, if you’re doing something good, then you’re gonna have haters.

Why do I bring up Nipsey Hussle? Because his goal was for his life to make a difference. Moreso, than his “job” of rapping. Madd Tatter’z goal is to bring a community together and to uplift one another. Yeah, sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Look, if we don’t win Best of Inland Empire 2019, I’m fine with that. Because I know we’re keep going and giving you what you want- a clean, sterile environment, with great artists. Shout out to Cat, Mike, Trevor, and Edgar.

You can vote for us here. Don’t forget you can vote daily!

-Alfred Z.

Rest in Power Nipsey Hussle by Alfred Zaragoza

Rest in Power Nipsey Hussle by Alfred Zaragoza

Back to Back to Back! Best Tattoo Shop in the Inland Empire.

Google "Tattoo shops in Riverside" and you'll notice we're at the top somewhere. When we opened up our shop on Van Buren in 2013 I couldn't have imagined that we'd be at the top. Again.

That's right! Madd Tatter'z won our 3rd straight Press Enterprise's Best of Inland Empire, "Best Tattoo Studio."

We couldn't have done it without you. I just wanted to say thank you. Your continued support matters so much to me and the entire crew. 

We work hard to make our tattoo environment clean, sterile, and friendly. When you walk in here, we want you to feel comfortable and wanted. 

Man, I feel like the Lakers from 2000-2002

Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 3-Peat. 

Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 3-Peat. 

I remember it so well. It wasn't only Kobe and Shaq. Everyone on the team played an important role in making it such a successful stretch. I want to thank our team at our Inland Empire tattoo shop for making it so successful. 

On Monday, September 11, at 9PM I was supposed to make an announcement mentioning our win. Something came up and I'm gonna have to postpone it. 

But this is the main thing I was going to talk about. How much I want to say thank you to all of you who took the time to cast a vote on the Press-Enterprise website... especially for three years in a row. 

We're constantly working on making your experience better than the last. I promise I'm going to have a major announcement soon, a contest, and a giveaway. 

PLEASE get the word out. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We're gonna celebrate for sure. Just working on some dates and some comida HOMEBOY! 

P.S. If you love your tattoo one of our artists did, would you take a couple of minutes to do a Yelp review? All this social stuff is driving me crazy, but I need to do it. 

Win a Tattoo worth $200!

Madd Tatter'z appreciates you!

As a tattoo artist and business owner I have to make decisions that are hard to make. But this one was a no-brainer. We appreciate our loyal customers, and also new clients that are referred to us by you. I take pleasure in knowing that we've built trust and great friendships. 

I know many of you were disappointed in knowing that we didn't do the Friday 13th tattoos. That's why I want to offer you a chance to win a FREE tattoo that's worth $200! Crazy, right? You now have a chance to get that ink you've been dreaming of- for FREE!

How? Well, that's where your homies and family come in. Enter our Tattoo giveaway here

Once you enter, you will get you own unique link that will refer-a-friend back to you and you'll earn a point! So the most votes, wins! That's it! So all those favors that everyone owes you? Just share the hell out of your link to get people to vote for you. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, email it to everyone... Or copy your link and send texts to your whole entire address book on you iPhone, Galaxy S, or that flip phone that was bomb 10 years ago, LOL!

Don't forget to vote us BEST OF INLAND EMPIRE again for 2016! Trust me- if we win, we're gonna be doing more things for y'all. 

Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram. Later and Good Luck!

-Alfred Z.

Best of Inland Empire

I just want to thank Riverside, San Bernardino, Corona, and all the surrounding areas in the Inland Empire that voted The Madd Tatterz "Best Tattoo Studio" in the Press Enterprise's Best of Inland Empire reader's choice publication. It's an honor for me and my team to give you kick ass ink. 

Come by the shop anytime. Great tattoos are what we're all about. Once again, thank you, IE!


Don't forget to vote for us in for 2016.

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2014 was a good year.

2014 was a good year.

Happy to anounce that we will be attending the 2016 Musink  Festival at the Orange county fair grounds,  It's gonna be packed with lots of the worlds Best tattooers. be sure to stop by our booth . special thanks to Travis Barker  and Corey Danger for hosting this So.Cal event once again.    Hope to see you all there . 


                                                                        Yours truly:  Alfred Zaragoza jr



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Hello everyone, I just want to personally thank all those who came in to my new shop and got tattooed in the months of April and May. Business has been good and I know that by you coming in and by your word of mouth, that my client base is building. Thank you!  ...And I can't wait to start June's tattoos, should be a good summer! 

So busy... but that's good.

It has been almost a month that I have officially been open and buy are my arms tired. That's a joke. I love what I do and I aim to please to give you the best tattoo experience that you have ever had. Once you walk into my Parlor you are pampered. You have never been so welcome. You have never had the experience that you have received here. The Madd Tatter'z aims to provide the best and most comfortable environment as ever. Make sure you schedule your appointment today and be prepared for a tattoo experience like never before. Attached are some tattz in progress.

Grand Opening

What do they say about dreams coming true? I don't care because I'm living my dream. If it wasn't for the support of my family and friends I don't know where I would be. But, I'm here now- the owner of my own tattoo parlor. I've studied for years different techniques and adapting styles to become a tattoo artist that can take a clients idea to fruition.

Stay tuned...